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Snapshot in Time: photography competition

Snapshot in Time: photography competition Photography is an invaluable tool for recording industrial and transport history – it is ideally suited for rapid documentation in a world where dramatic or catastrophic change can occur to the fabric of industry, almost overnight, and revolutionised the documentation of historic sites. STICK invited submissions for a photography competition in the run up to its conference “Snapshot in Time” on 17th November 2021.
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Call for papers: Snapshot in Time

Call for papers: Snapshot in Time STICK is inviting submissions for papers for its 2021 conference – “Snapshot in Time” – to discuss the importance of photography as a documentation and advocacy tool for industrial and transport heritage. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday 17th November 2021.
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Recognising materials

Recognising materials Jim Mitchell leads a discussion on how to recognise and deal with engineering materials found in and on conserved objects. This session was a follow up to STICK’s Industrial Object Conservation Training.
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