STICK is the Scottish Transport & Industry Collections and Knowledge network and as a Subject Specialist Network (SSN) it aims to promote care and enjoyment of these collections. Established in 2006 as a membership body, STICK formalised the running of the network in 2010 when a constitution was introduced, which was revised again in 2020.

STICK will encourage wider engagement with transport and industrial collections across Scotland through research, stewardship and advocacy. It aims to:

  • Develop opportunities to advance acquisition, care, development, research and interpretation of transport and industry collections in Scotland
  • Identify key issues facing the long-term stewardship and development of transport and industry collections and work together to tackle them
  • Promote, encourage and advance access to Scottish transport and industrial collections through a variety of mechanisms
  • Support informed, efficient and confident decision making in the acquisition and long-term care of transport and industrial heritage across Scotland

Steering Group

Following the AGM in April 2021, the steering group was elected for STICK and individuals assigned to the following roles and responsibilities. They are: 

Office Bearers

  • Matthew Bellhouse Moran (HMS Unicorn) Chair
  •  Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde) Vice-Chair
  • Miriam McDonald (Historic Environment Scotland) Membership Secretary
  • Ellie Swinbank (National Museums Scotland) Treasurer
  • Zoe Arthurs (Association for Industrial Archaeology) Communications Officer
  • Emma Halford-Forbes (Industrial Museums Scotland) Minutes Officer

Ordinary Members

  • Justin Parkes (Summerlee Museum)
  • Jim Mitchell (Industrial Heritage Consulting)
  • Mark Watson (Historic Environment Scotland, TICCIH Representative)
  • Linda Ross (Independent Researcher)
  • Kiara King (Ballast Trust)
  • Nicola Moss (National Mining Museum Scotland)

Ex Officio members:

  • Miles Oglethorpe (Historic Environment Scotland)