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There are some resources which have been produced as part of our projects or events that are available on this website.

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Recognising materials

Recognising materials Jim Mitchell leads a discussion on how to recognise and deal with engineering materials found in and on conserved objects. This session was a follow up to STICK’s Industrial Object Conservation Training.

Machine Tools Project

Machine Tools Project STICK embarked on a Machine Tools Project to build upon the success of the joint STICK/NMS ‘Old Tools, New Uses’ Effective Collections project in 2011, which reviewed domestic technology and hand tool collections in Scottish museums and produced educational resources plus a master catalogue.

Old Tools New Uses

Old Tools New Uses In October 2011, we celebrated the completion of the ‘Old Tools, New Uses’ project at Summerlee Museum of Industrial Life, Coatbridge. The network received a £25,000 grant from the Museums Association’s Effective Collections scheme (sponsored by Esmee Fairbairn) in 2009 to undertake a collections review, produce a learning resource and consider rationalisation and sustainability issues surrounding the collections. The project has surpassed its original ambitions and is now making public its achievements.

Industrial Object Conservation Training

Industrial Object Conservation Training STICK obtained generous funding from the Museums Galleries Scotland Skills Development Fund to deliver a three day industrial object conservation training course.

Collecting, Curating and Conserving Large Objects

Collecting, Curating and Conserving Large Objects STICK and Industrial Museums Scotland have prepared a paper on the Collection, Collection, Curatorship and Conservation of Large Objects.