Steam Engines in Scotland – knowledge exchange

STICK ran a knowledge exchange event in May 2012, entitled ‘Steam Engines in Scotland’.

Scotland for three centuries has been at the forefront of power technology. This event commemorates the tercentenary of the Newcomen engine but also looks at the broader legacy, including engines by Boulton & Watt and Stirling and their makers, as well as more recent developments in the power technology sector.

The event was held at The McManus in Dundee on Friday, 11 May 2012 and focused specifically on matters arising from early power engines you might have in your museum stores or on display and the curatorial, conservation and collections management issues surrounding them. Topics included:

  • Effective curation & exhibition making
  • Storage & movement
  • People & places to go for further advice

The event included the STICK AGM.  View the full programme STICK Steam Event programme 2012 final and more information on our events page.