The A-listed buildings of the Lady Victoria Colliery are the home of the National Mining Museum Scotland and a fundamental part of our collections.  Collections relate to the history of Scottish mining and cover the history and geographical extent of the coalfield areas.  Collections are made up of large objects; small mining artefacts, including tools, safety equipment, surveying, rope splicing, signs and lighting; costume, picture and banner collections; photographic material; maps and engineering plan collections; archive material and the library.  The technology of the industry is well represented but the collections also illustrate personal and social aspects of the mining industry and the communities that grew up around it.

Lady Victoria Colliery, home of the National Mining Museum Scotland, photographed not long after it was first sunk in the early 1890s

For further information please contact the STICK representative at the National Mining Museum Scotland, Ellie Swinbank, Keeper at keepe