East Lothian Museums

Our collections range from fine art to archaeology, including a great deal of social history and natural history. The industrial collections are principally related to the industries which grew up in the west end of the county, and in particular around Prestonpans.

The museum at Prestongrange is located on a site with an industrial history going back to the sixteenth century. It was the home successively of a glassworks, pottery, brickworks and coal mine. They all made use of the adjacent port of Morrison’s Haven.

In addition to the archaeological heritage of the site, currently being investigated through a community archaeology project, there remains on the site one of Scotland’s last Hoffman continuous brick kilns, and the Cornish Beam Engine, now a scheduled ancient monument.

For more information contact the STICK representative at East Lothian Museums, Peter Gray, Museums Officer at pgray@eastlothian.gov.uk or visit the website www.east